Changes coming soon from UTEAP

Watch for exciting changes to the UHD Employee Assistance Program Website starting this September. UTEAP is planning many exciting enhancements to the way the site looks and to the content that will be available. Soon, you will be able to make appointments online, take a wide range of training programs, participate in screening inventories for concerns like depression and anxiety, and you will even be able to set an appointment to visit with a counselor live online.

Links will be available to access EAP legal and financial services with a wide range of legal and financial documents for your use, including a free Simple Will.

If you have an elder parent who needs assistance in daily living or if you need to find convenient child care services or other resources, simply “log on” and select the appropriate link and you will find a wealth of articles and information to help you in planning.

UHD employees and supervisors will be able to learn more about EAP services through Online Orientation and Leadership Training programs.

Prior to September, you can still visit http://www.uteap.org to access the current wide range of services or if you would like to set an appointment with a counselor or access WorkLife services, call UTEAP at 800-346-3549.

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  1. I cannot wait to see the changes. The current site is not user friendly and lacking helpful information. I wonder when the new site will be up and running?

  2. DeSandra,

    We have heard back from UTEAP, and this is what they’ve told us about the new site:

    “We are still working on the updated website. We began working with our web designers in September and expect to approve the templates they have created this week. Once the template is created, we expect to begin loading content. Hopefully we will have this up in the next month or so.”