UHD Nominated for 2010 HR IMPACT Award

UHD was nominated in the category of Organizational Excellence during the 6th Annual HR IMPACT Awards presented by HR Houston last week.  The HR IMPACT awards raise awareness of excellence in human resource programs and practices in the Greater Houston area, and recognize both HR workgroups as well as HR professionals that have created significant business value (impact) for their organizations.  The nominee was based on Employment Services and Operations’ “Management Development Program (MDP)”.  The MDP is a 16-hour interactive classroom-style training program that provides comprehensive training in 4 areas: Legal Issues, Recognizing and Disciplining Employees, Effective Recruitment and Selection, and Employer Fundamentals. The MDP provides not only tools to the managers to be more successful, but it also provides opportunities for lower-level and newly selected managers to develop relationships with more seasoned and higher-level management staff.

Eleven organizations were nominated for the Organizational Excellence category, and Universal Weather and Aviation, Inc. was announced as the winner.  In 2008, HR Houston awarded UHD and Employment Services and Operations the IMPACT Award for HR Service Technology.

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  1. I am not surprised on the nomination of our ESO department for the award. We have come a long ways and we have seen much improvement in our HR department. We are blessed to have such dedicated people looking out for our best working interests. All sections in ESO do a great job but In particular, our Benefits section goes above and beyond to make sure we have the best programe to benefit our working life and that of our families. We thank you and wish ESO continued success!

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