STAR 12 Discounted Training

Have budget restraints affected your training budget?  STAR 12 has cut membership prices for UHD’s staff and faculty down to $150 per employee for a 1 year unlimited STAR 12 membership.

This membership includes unlimited training for 1 year for the following:


  • Public Seminars
  • Web and Audio Conference
  • E-learning & archived Web conference
  • Stephen Covey collection
  • Tracking & Reporting (can be set up by department heads)


For an additional $30 per person, you can add MINDLEADERS, which includes 300 of the most popular E-Learning courses available.

If you wish to join, have questions, or need additional information, please contact Tomas Turrubiates, Manager of Talent Management, at 713-221-8263 or turrubiatest@uhd.edu.

Categories: Learning, Managers

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  1. Please call me at 416-952-0404, I would like to register as a member of Star 12 and pay the $150 fee.


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