Stay connected to your family when you travel on business

Business travel can be a strain on any family.  But when you’re on the road, staying in touch can make the separation easier for everyone.

Here are some ideas for staying close when you’re far away:

  • Take pictures.  Bring a digital camera to capture a few images from he city you’re traveling to, and share them when you get home.  Or send them directly via your cell phone.  Even a shot of your hotel room can make children feel a connection to you.
  • Communicate regularly.  Send e-mails and text messages as often as you can.  A short message can mean a lot to the people missing you at home.
  • Encourage kids to stay in touch.  Have your children fax pictures drawn at school to your hotel, or e-mail you with homework questions, so they know they can reach you when they need to.
  • Don’t go right back to work.  If you return in the middle of the day, head home first.  Take your spouse to lunch, or pick your children up from school, to show you’ve got your priorities straight.

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