The Length of Your Life Depends on Your Lifestyle

Nobody lives forever, but most of us hope to reach a ripe old age and remain active and healthy throughout our lives.  Here are some basic tips for keeping your mind and body in good shape for a long life:

Stop smoking.  OK, this is obvious.  But your chances of living for a long time are much better if you don’t smoke – or if you quit.

Don’t stop working.  Retirement can be risky, especially if you just quit and spend your days sitting on the sofa.  Keep working in some capacity by volunteering or working part-time.  Or have a plan for staying active after your retirement party ends.

Keep flossing.  Flossing every day can prevent bacteria in the mouth from growing and then moving to your bloodstream, where it can cause inflammation and hardening of the arteries, which contributes to heart disease.

Sleep just the right amount.  We need at least six hours of sleep per night for optimum physical and mental health.  Less than that – or even more, some doctors say – can be detrimental.  In one study of women ages 50 to 81, mortality over 14 years was higher among subjects who reported sleeping less than five hours per night, or more than 6.5 hours.

Eat the right foods.  Avoid saturated fats, eat lots of fiber (especially for breakfast), and try to get your vitamins from foods instead of relying on supplements.

Pay attention to your health.  Stressing about every ache and pain isn’t necessarily productive, but an extreme “Don’t worry, be happy” attitude about your body can be risky as well.  Take your health seriously, and don’t ignore the warning signs of trouble.

Article provided by FirstDraft

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