Employee Discounts

With today’s economic climate, who couldn’t use a discount?  Visit ESO’s Work/Life webpage and click on Employee Discounts to look through the various vendors who offer UHD employees exclusive discounts on their products and services.

Although Macy’s is not part of the contracted Work/Life Vendors, they do offer us discounts from time to time, as is the case with the savings pass below.

Click image for your savings pass.

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  1. Hi, when will there be some sort of discount for UHD staff/faculty for Metro train and/or park and ride locations? It seems that all surrounding employers in downtown Houston either pays the entire Metro costs for their staff OR they offer a generous discount for their staff. Can UHD do something? Since it is EARTH DAY today, taking the Metro bus and/or train does help fight pollution and lowers the amount of cars on the highways! Note: I ride the Metro daily so I try to limit my carbon footprint daily.

    • Tracy, let me congratulate you and thank you for using public transportation to and from work. The topic of employee discounts for METRO is not new. It’s also not as simple as one would imagine. UHD administration has solicited employee discounts from METRO. Unfortunately, METRO does not offer employee discounts. UHD would have to subsidize the cost of any discounts offered to employees. As you know, UHD is currently in a financial dilemma. With budget cuts and cost reductions progressively on the rise, the university cannot afford this expense. METRO, however, does offer discounts to students, seniors, medicare cardholders, and persons with disabilities. For more information on these discounts, you may visit and access the Discounted Fares page.

  2. The life of a working professional can be too demanding and time consuming to the extend that a person does not have time to do the little things that matters most for their day to day life, so lifestyle management tools are a good way of assisting the busy professionals. Employees can be rewarded with things like employee discounts,concierge services and employee benefits.

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