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Get More Mileage Out of Your Travel Dollars

Even in a down economy, there are times when you need, or just want, to hit the road.  So it’s good to know that there are money-saving ways to make your travel dollars go farther.  Here are some tips recommended by experienced travelers:

  • Who hasn’t dreamed of going on a cruise?  If this is your dream, now’s a great time, because cruise lines are trying to make it more cost-effective to sail.  Some of the lures: stateroom upgrades, discounts on penthouse rooms, complimentary airfare to departure points, and reduced deposit amounts.  So, again, shop before you hop aboard.
  • If you’re flying, go online first and check fares to your destination from several origination points within 100 miles from where you live.  Driving that distance to another airport could save you hundreds of dollars.
  • Make your travel plans early.  You’ll usually get the lowest airfares, for example, by booking your flight at least three weeks in advance.  This could also enable you to use your frequent flier miles.
  • Check out the perks being offered by some of the big hotel chains.  They’ve been feeling the economic pinch, as well, and are making significant deals to build up their bookings.  Depending on the property, these lures include rate cuts of as much as 20 percent, free nights, room upgrades, free meals, plus other attractions.  So be sure to shop around before you book your stay.

Article provided by VALIC

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