Protecting Your Reputation at Work

Your workplace reputation is a valuable asset, but it is not a “renewable resource.” Once tarnished, it can take years to recoup. How you handle yourself emotionally at work is a key facet of your reputation that can overshadow your skills, abilities, and accomplishments. How do you handle anger, disappointments, conflicts, or even frustrations with management? Do you remain cool in the face of challenges? Most of us can’t display the same emotions to coworkers and managers that we display at home with family members. If you blow up with coworkers, it’s unlikely they’ll simply think, “Oh, that’s just Bob being Bob.” To stay cool, consider whether you are sitting on anger or stuffing conflict. Plan a sit-down meeting with whom-ever you need to clear the air with. Your employee assistance professional or a good friend can help you plan for it. Need coaching? Ask yourself: “Are my relationships at work uplifting or am I surrounded by others who are negative?” “Am I getting too negative in my communications?” “Am I getting careless about what I say or whom I say it to?” “Are my emails lacking common courtesies or am I sounding snappy?” Your reputation is a resource for both you and your employer. Protect its value and it will serve you well.


Article provided by UTEAP FrontLine Employee.

Categories: Learning, Work/Life

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