Tobacco users: Higher health insurance premiums start January 2012

Under state law, tobacco users will pay higher premiums for health insurance coverage starting January 1, 2012. The monthly fees are shown below.

From November 7 to December 9, you should sign into your account or call (877) 275-4377 toll-free to certify if you or your covered dependents use tobacco.

Tobacco users  Monthly fee 
Member only $30
Spouse only $30
Child (if member or spouse do not use tobacco) $30
Member + spouse $60
Member + child* $60
Spouse + child* $60
Member + spouse + child* (Family) $90
*The charge for a child is the same regardless of how many children in the household use tobacco. 

The ERS website includes more information, such as the definition of a tobacco user, a list of products that will be considered tobacco, smoking cessation, and other common questions regarding the program.

You can get help to quit tobacco so you don’t have to pay more for health insurance. Certain prescription tobacco cessation drugs—Zyban, its generic Bupropion, and Chantix—are now covered for the cost of a copay (once you meet your $50 annual prescription deductible). Contact your doctor to see if they are right for you.

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