Make New Year’s Resolutions as a Family

A new year represents a fresh start, an opportunity to set goals and reset your priorities.  Don’t just make New Year’s resolutions for yourself – get your whole family involved.  Consider collaborating on these resolutions for the year:

  • Eat dinner as a family.  Families seem to be busier than ever these days, so making room for consistent togetherness time is even more important.  Think about cutting back on meetings (you and your spouse) and extracurricular activities (your kids) so everyone can eat dinner together most nights.
  • Build confidence in children’s strengths.  Don’t spend all your time pointing out your kids’ mistakes and weaknesses.  Children grow up to be successful and self-reliant because they’re sure of their strengths.  Give them the confidence to tackle anything.
  • Hold regular family meetings.  These times should be used to discuss schedules, goals, and even grievances.  Family meetings can help everyone in the family reconnect and communicate.
  • Make personal resolutions a family affair.  If you’ve decided you want to do more charitable work, consider making your personal goal a family goal.  Volunteering as a family is a powerful way to build self-esteem and build a sense of community in yourself and your kids.


Adapted from FirstDraft

Categories: Work/Life

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