7 Reasons Your People Hate You

Looking for a quick and easy way to spot your leadership weak points?  Send this list to your employees.  Tell them to circle any that apply to you, anonymously.  Take the top two and fix them.

  • 7.  You don’t prioritize.  Everything is important and the result is chaos.  The fix:  Assign a H, M, or L (high, medium or low) priority to every task.
  • 6.  You treat them like employees.  You know nothing about them as human beings, and this may make them feel like nothing more than a number.  The fix:  Learn something about them and surprise them.
  • 5.  You won’t fight for them.  When was the last time you went to bat for an employee where you had something to lose?  The fix:  Get them that raise or new project.
  • 4.  You tell them to “have a balanced life” then set a bad example.  You tell them weekends are precious and they should spend them with their family then you go and send them emails or voicemails on Sunday afternoon. The fix: either curb your bad habit of not being in balance or learn how to do delayed send in Outlook so your messages won’t go out until Monday morning.
  • 3.  You micromanage.  You don’t trust your team to make decisions.  The fix:  Back off a bit. Pick a few low risk projects and commit to not doing ANYTHING on them unless your team member asks you for assistance. It may be uncomfortable for you, but give it a try.
  • 2.  You treat employees like mushrooms – in the dark and fed nothing.  Do you ration information?  Do you withhold “important” things from them because it’s “need to know” only?  This could be creating gossip and fear.  The fix:  Stop acting like 007 and run an open-book shop [open-book management].
  • 1.  You’re indecisive.  Maybe.  We’ll see.  I don’t know.  You drive them crazy with your dithering.  The fix:  Decide!


Adapted from ThoughtLeaders blog and Executive Leadership.

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