Reasons to Smile

Research has shown that 60 percent to 70 percent of our communication is nonverbal.  If that’s true, how important is your smile? It’s enormously important. Advertisers on television understand the importance of the smile. So do telemarketers whom you never see. They are taught to smile while speaking on the phone with you to influence a positive attitude and engage with you effectively. Your smile is a vehicle for transforming your personality. You may find you have untapped power and ability to influence others if you choose to smile more. You might argue, “But if I don’t feel like smiling, it will feel and look phony.” You’re right, so you need better reasons. Here they are: A smile brightens someone’s day; opens doors, making others accept you faster; makes you appear less threatening; and sends a message of safety. These are powerful reasons to smile. Consider: This is why virtually all adults approach small children with a big smile, even if they don’t feel like smiling.



Adapted from UTEAP Frontline Employee

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