HealthSelect Referrals and EOBs Explained

Do you have a hard time understanding the HealthSelect referral process? Do you know how to follow an explanation of benefits (EOB)? See the following tips from HealthSelectSM of Texas.


HealthSelect requires that your primary care physician (PCP) provide referrals to in-network specialists for in-network benefits to apply.

  • Remember to double-check with your PCP to make sure your referrals are up to date. If UnitedHealthcare does not show your referral on file, your PCP will need to submit a new referral.
  • Your PCP must use UnitedHealthcare’s online provider portal to submit a referral.
  • Use your personal online account at to verify that a referral is on file.
  • Any PCP referrals transferred from the prior carrier (Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas) cannot be viewed through your personal online account.
  • Contact HealthSelect toll-free at (866) 336-9371 to inquire about any referrals that aren’t showing up on your personal online account.

Explanation of Benefits

You can view the explanation of benefits (EOB) you receive from HealthSelect through your personal online account at EOBs provide information such as billed charges, services provided, how much the plan paid, and your financial responsibility for the claim. The Sample Explanation of Benefits (EOB) Statement (PDF)(536 KB) explains the information provided in each EOB section.

Resource: United HealthCare Services, Inc.

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