Talk to Your Supervisor

Neglecting to raise concerns about the supervisor-supervisee relationship is a common complaint of managers.  Chances are your boss sincerely wants to know what’s on your mind if it relates to your productivity. Issues and problems employees typically hold back sharing—even at a private meeting—include

1) lack of clarity in instructions provided by the supervisor regarding assignments,

2) perceptions of favoritism or non-equitable distribution of work,

3) a lack of feedback and constructive criticism and little praise,

4) a lack of clarity about duties and essential functions of a position,

5) micromanagement,

6) lack of introduction to key players and key management officials with whom the employee must interact, and

7) checking email or not giving full attention to an employee in a private meeting.

Hint: When bringing a complaint to your supervisor, always connect the concern to its impact on customers, quality of work, productivity, teamwork, and finances. Rule #1: Don’t use others as sounding boards for the issues you’ve left unaddressed between you and your supervisor.



Adapted from UTEAP Frontline Employee, October 2013

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