Go ahead, admit you’re wrong

If you have a reputation for reluctance to admit you’re wrong, a few insights can motivate you to improve your ability to practice this acquired skill. You’ll also enhance your workplace relationships. The key for what some feel is a seemingly impossible task is recognizing the benefits you derive from it. Admitting you’re wrong when necessary demonstrates guts and willingness to be vulnerable. Practicing the skill also demonstrates high self-esteem and lack of a need to cling to something to protect yourself from an imaginary fear. Those in supervisory or management roles instantly recognize your capacity for being a team player. No one likes to admit they are wrong, but those who can do so with class are recognized as valuable workers and desirable work partners. They also can be counted on to be better communicators. Admitting you’re wrong facilitates the willingness of others with whom you associate to also be more open and forgiving, all of which contributes to the creation of better problem-solving scenarios and the accomplishment of the mission in your workplace.   Source: UTEAP FrontLine Employee (June 2014)

Categories: Wellness, Work/Life

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