Ongoing dependent eligibility verification begins now

All newly added dependents need verification

Do you plan to add a dependent to your health coverage this Annual Enrollment? If you add someone who wasn’t identified as your eligible dependent in a previous audit, Aon Hewitt will request documentation to prove your dependent’s eligibility for benefits. 

It’s your responsibility to comply with the verification and provide the appropriate proof of eligibility to Aon Hewitt by the due date given in your letter. If you do not respond or Aon Hewitt finds your dependent to be ineligible for benefits, ERS will cancel all of your dependent’s coverage, including health, dental, and dependent life insurance. An ineligible or unverified dependent will not be eligible for COBRA.

If Aon Hewitt finds your dependent to be eligible, his or her coverage continues uninterrupted by the dependent eligibility verification.

You will need to follow this process any time you add dependents who were not previously verified as your eligible dependent. Remember it’s very important that you respond to the verification request quickly and provide the requested documents by the due date.

Source: ERS Employee News (July 2014)

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