Is your commute driving up your stress?

In the United States, the average one-way trip to work takes about 25 minutes. For 8% of commuters, the daily trip is more than an hour each way, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. If you work in a big city like Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, or Austin, a longer commute likely takes a chunk of your day.

Here are a few tips for improving your commute:

  • Listen to soothing tunes or an audio book. Or, just relish the daily quiet time—and focus on the journey.
  • Keep your vehicle tidy. Trash and clutter may add to your stress.
  • Stay calm by practicing deep breathing every time your foot is on the brake.
  • Make a point of leaving home 10 minutes earlier. You’ll give yourself the gift of more time and less stress.
  • Try public transit. You may find you enjoy that time to read—or just relax.

If your commute is a chore, you can find more tips for improving it, and other stressful situations, in UnitedHealthcare’s newsletter Healthy Mind Healthy Body. You can subscribe at the Communication Subscription Center. You don’t have to be a HealthSelectSM of Texas participant to subscribe.

Source: ERS Employee News (July 2014)

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