Communication is key in the workplace

What is the most significant problem in the workplace that inhibits productivity, causes conflicts between workers and managers and creates the most risk for employees and the organization?  Poor workplace communication.

Nothing happens without communication, and every dimension of an organization’s mission depends on communication, it will always be the single most important influencer of productivity or lack of it.

We are not talking about just sending and receiving messages. There is no end to getting communication right, but here’s a hint: Think “barriers.” There are many types of barriers that affect every possible type of workplace communication.

For an example of how veiled these barriers can be in one area alone, consider new hires.

Upon hiring new workers, you should always provide a performance plan that describes the most important duties in detail and how they should be completed. It sounds simple, but EAPs commonly receive this surprisingly common complaint from employees: “I don’t know what they want me to do.” Or, “No one has given me a job description.” Imagine the conflict, misunderstanding, anger, and productivity issues that this communication barrier creates.

Source: UTEAP FrontLine Supervisor (July 2014)

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