Help employees maintain a positive mental attitude

If you have a good working relationship with your employees, you can play a constructive role in influencing their positive mental attitude by blending positivity into your supervision style.

Here are some ideas:

  1. When coaching, remind employees of their capacity to achieve so they “buy in” to their own potential.
  2. Encourage employees to embrace personal growth opportunities within the organization and the community.
  3. Encourage employees to take chances and think big when it comes to pursuing their goals.
  4. When crises occur, model calmness, coolness, and a level-headed response.
  5. Encourage employees to develop their passions and find the professional niche that matches their talents and values.
  6. Model hope and optimism when the going gets tough.
  7. Interrupt negative self-talk and reassure your employees that they have what it takes to win, which will reduce their self-doubt.
  8. Encourage employees to “smell the roses” and pursue work-life balance.

Source: UTEAP FrontLine Supervisor (September 2014)

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