Reducing shared-space headaches

Sharing work space with a coworker and striving to be productive while also avoiding grating on each other’s nerves can be wearisome.

Coping demands self-awareness and practicing common courtesies.

Four rules for working in close quarters can help.

  1. Accept that conflicts will naturally arise periodically. This will help prevent your overreaction to them.
  2. Conflicts are opportunities to know your coworker better and become closer when they are resolved.
  3. Minimize frequency of conflict by not allowing irritations to compound. Discuss the small stuff.
  4. Maintain good hygiene, orderliness, and boundaries. This is the “trilogy” of shared-space harmony.

These boundaries aren’t about physical location, but anything touching on sounds, smells, privacy, or matters associated with resource sharing, compromise, and negotiation.

 Source: UTEAP FrontLine Employee (October 2014)

Categories: Learning, Managers, Work/Life

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