Work/Life Thriller prize winners announced

Congratulations to all of the lucky door prizes prize winners from this year’s Work/Life “Thriller” benefits fair.

A special thank you also goes out to all of the faculty and staff who participated and helped make this year’s Work/Life “Thriller” such a huge success.

Name Prize Sponsor
Anthony Samudio 46” RCA Television ESO
Kerry Madole Galaxy Tab 4 ESO
Sigifredo Sanchez Beats Earbuds ESO
Irma Placencia Keurig ESO
Manuel Fernandez $100 Home Depot Gift Card HCFCU
Jeff Good $50 Applebees Gift Card ESO
Maria Flores $50 Outback Gift Card ESO
Lakeidra Gilford $50 Cracker Barell Gift Card ESO
Brandi Irving $50 Outback Gift Card ESO
Liem Nguyen Bluetooth Speaker Enterprise Rent-A-Car
Javier Diaz Grill Set Liberty Mutual Insurance
Elena Geilikman Movie Tickets Smart Financial
Anthony Samudio Movie Tickets Smart Financial
Mike Compte Travel Cooler Voya
Karlyli Juarez Duffel Bag Lincoln
Amelia Jimenez Astros Items Houston Astros
Megan Lee Cooler Minnesota Life
Eddie Arias Lunch Bag Fidelity
Anna Nguyen Beach Tote United Healthcare
Justin Clay $25 AMEX Gift Card Smart Financial
Stephen Kidd $25 Olive Garden Gift Card ESO
Andrea Guillory $25 Outback Gift Card ESO
Angela Alley $25 Chilis Gift Card ESO
Amanda Clinard $25 Hooters Gift Card ESO

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