Five pathways for managing stress

Consider five intervention channels for managing stress: Focus, Interpret, Prepare, Process, and Distract.

  • “Focus” means giving attention to what you can control (e.g., finding ways to make dollars stretch further so you worry less about bills).
  • “Interpret” means redefining stress (e.g., looking on the bright side of a problem).
  • “Prepare” means taking action to ward off stress in the future (e.g., doing holiday shopping early).
  • “Process” means communication (e.g., discussing stress and solutions with others).
  • “Distract” means diverting attention from the stress (e.g., listening to pleasant music, taking a walk, etc.).

When under stress, consider these pathways of intervention and you are more likely to find the one that works best.

Source: UTEAP FrontLine Employee (February 2015)

Categories: Learning, Wellness, Work/Life

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