Overcoming fear of change

Fear is one of the most significant hurdles with upcoming organizational change. To face change with determined fortitude: Accept that fear of change is normal and don’t deny your concern about it.

Try “moving your fear to paper” by writing down concerns. Consider each concern’s potential solution. Small things count—losing an office, giving up a pretty commute, coming home later—see if you can identify exactly what the change may bring.

Find supportive friends or a counselor with whom you can discuss concerns. You’ll discover solutions and enlightened coping strategies for virtually any problem or issue.

Resist buying into rumors at the water cooler that can stoke more fear. Instead, bring concerns to your boss and compare them with official information sources.

Read about how to cope with change. The field of literature on this topic is huge, and reading may be the fastest way to feel empowered and less fearful.

Staying on top of your fear by remaining proactive and planning your approach to change will help you stay positive. You are no stranger to change, so consider any past experiences where you successfully overcame major changes that occurred in your life.

Ultimately, coping with fear of change is about your taking control of your attitude and being determined with a personal set of adaption strategies that will help you benefit from new experiences that are coming your way.

Source: UTEAP FrontLine Employee (February 2015)

Categories: Learning, Wellness, Work/Life

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