ESO Spotlight

ESO announces new additions to its team

UHD Employment Services and Operations (ESO) is excited to announce several new additions to its team following last fall’s staff retirements and division restructuring. Since September, the following new employees are now part of the ESO Team:




Executive Director


  • Plans, designs, implements and evaluates programs and initiatives in support of institutional and division goals
  • Directs the goals and initiatives of assigned units; responsible for the development, management, supervision, and evaluation of staff working in its responsible units
  • Ensures that university leadership and campus community comply with state and federal laws, rules, and regulations applicable to human resources administration
  • Responsible for workplace planning and other strategic initiatives for all functional areas of responsibility
  • Directs the continued development and administration of employment services (talent recruitment and management) and tools to effectively manage recruitment, selection, hiring and on-boarding and off-boarding of employees
  • Assists with the development of training and developmental programs that support the University’s mission of providing professional development opportunities for UHD employees
  • Directs the continued development and administration of employee relations strategies through collaborative partnerships with Equal Opportunity Services (EOS), Legal Counsel, business administrators, managers and supervisors, and employees
  • Serves as Assistant Title IX Officer and Affirmative Action Officer
  • Oversees unit budgets and participates in departmental strategic planning
  • Responsible for division risk assessments and compliance programs
  • Prepares and monitors various dashboards on key departmental performance metrics


HRIS Manager


  • Serves as UHD liaison to the UHS project manager and provides support for new applications and significant modifications to existing applications in the PeopleSoft Human Resource Management System (HRMS)
  • Operates as project manager and provides functional analysis and support for the development, upgrade, and implementation of a variety of HRMS data management systems, such as PeopleAdmin and Halogen
  • Acts as liaison to the UHD Information Technology (IT) Department in the development and support of the Fortis data storage system
  • Serves on the project team and supports UHD IT Department in the analysis, development, and implementation of internal systems designed to improve efficiency and effectiveness of human resources business practices
  • Develops strategies for HRMS projects and/or significant modifications to existing HRMS applications to UHD human resources leadership
  • Partners with the University of Houston System HRIS director to support and provide guidance to the human resources business process owners
  • Provides guidance to ESO leadership on all HRIS applications
  • Assists the HRMS Coordinator in the development and maintenance of ESO on-line training programs


Organizational Development and Training Manager


  • Serves as an internal consultant to management in the identification, development, and implementation of business processes
  • Facilitates the implementation of organizational effectiveness interventions
  • Provides coaching to University leaders on organizational growth and development
  • Participates in the identification and development of a competency model to be used throughout various organizational programs
  • Facilitates team building workshops, exercises, or programs to enhance the cohesiveness of teams
  • Leads the planning, development and delivery of course curriculum for employees
  • Develops, designs and coordinates training materials/tools
  • Designs and delivers customized training courses for various campus constituencies
  • Oversees the mandatory and new hire training program
  • Maintains master schedule of training programs
  • Gathers, researches and analyzes training-related data to assist with program evaluation
  • Develops communication and marketing tools to communicate education programs and resources
  • Responds to customer needs for training-related matters


Organizational Development and Training Coordinator


  • Participates in the planning, development and delivery of course curriculum for University staff, including new employee orientation
  • Consults with management in the identification and development of business processes.
  • Conducts training needs analysis to define University and individual needs, as well as identify problems and areas of concern
  • Researches and gathers data pertinent to the training process
  • Assists with the evaluation and measurement of program effectiveness
  • Aids in the design and delivery of training courses for departments
  • Offers administrative support – including but not limited to developing, designing and/or coordinating training materials and/or training aides/tools, scheduling, coordinating courses and use of equipment space and facilities
  • Provides coaching to University staff on growth and development
  • Coordinates the promotion of training programs through correspondence, website and university news articles


Employment Coordinator


  • Processes and audits employment sign-up paperwork for all new employees
  • Coordinates and edits all vacant positions for posting on the applicant tracking system and external job boards
  • Processes all background checks, motor vehicle requests and prior state service request forms
  • Creates hiring manager folders and screening criteria matrix for all new staff and faculty positions
  • Provides training on applicant tracking system
  • Delivers customer service to applicants regarding vacancies, status of application and completing online applications
  • Provides guidance to hiring departments concerning hiring practices, policies and procedures
  • Maintains employment records and adheres to current UHD policies and state employment laws and regulalations
  • Provides assistance with new employee orientation sessions.


Benefits and Compensation Coordinator


  • Processes applications for leave programs, including Family and Medical Leave, worker’s compensation and disability program
  • Coordinates all benefits and work life events
  • Enrolls all employees in group benefits in the benefits system
  • Provides customer support, including answering compensations inquiries from other state agencies, benefits and compensation inquiries from employees
  • Conducts and/or participates in compensation surveys
  • Develops and revises all job descriptions


In addition to the new ESO employees, some existing employees have new job responsibilities. Please review the list of existing ESO employees below for their position title and job responsibilities.



Director of Benefits and Compensation


  • Designs, implements, and manages salary classification and compensation programs
  • Provides counsel to hiring managers on pay decisions, policy and guidelines interpretation and job evaluations
  • Manages employee group insurance plans, which includes orienting new and current employees, processing enrollments and changes and processing claims for life benefits
  • Oversees the administration of all leave programs, including Family and Medical Leave, Workers Compensation Leave, Sick Leave Pool and Short and Long Term Disability
  • Provides assistance with retirement processes, including enrollments, changes and service retirements
  • Serves as the ADA Coordinator
  • Manages department financials


Director of Employment Operations


  • Develops policies and procedures related to electronic records, e-personnel files, records management, etc.
  • Plans document imaging projects for other units and works with unit head on security levels, document indexing and scanning needs
  • Analyzes data and maintains personnel records in system
  • Troubleshoots issues or problems in payroll
  • Serves as a liaison between the System Payroll office and the University
  • Calculates earnings for terminating vacation, data entry of contributions and withdrawals to the sick leave pool
  • Processes other payroll records and approves changes made in PASS by employees
  • Audits documents scanned by the records support staff
  • Processes verification of employment from external sources
  • Handles processing, scanning, and indexing of all sensitive data such as performance appraisals, grievances, and disciplinary action records
  • Maintains the online directory
  • Collaborates with IT in the development of query reports and any upgrades in the records management system
  • Develops retention schedules and archiving data


Talent Management and Campus Relations Coordinator


  • Oversees New Employee Orientation
  • Communicates with new hires and their managers at various times during the first four months of employment
  • Conducts exit interviews for the exit clearance process
  • Meets with employees concerning personnel issues
  • Conducts workplace investigations
  • Oversees the performance management processes
  • Identifies staff training and professional development needs and communicates those needs to appropriate entities


Communications and Compliance Coordinator


  • Creates communication strategies for internal and external audiences
  • Develops, writes and edits ESO internal/external content
  • Manages ESO social media, blog, newsletter and website content
  • Reviews and updates the staff handbook and manager toolkit
  • Directs the University policy review and update process
  • Manages all updates to personnel policies
  • Oversees the Work/Life and employee discount programs
  • Manages institutional compliance for ESO
  • Reviews and reports on University-wide outside professional activities


Management Systems Coordinator


  • Researches, evaluates, implements, and supports desktop and enterprise software applications and systems
  • Provides training and develops, maintains, and distributes training materials for software application systems
  • Troubleshoots and researches other automation methods to meet University needs
  • Generates reports and maintains data related to University processes
  • Develops and maintains ESO website and resident forms
  • Serves as administrator for several enterprise applications
  • Designs and maintains dynamic Web forms
  • Develops PeopleSoft queries


Employment Technician


  • Processes new employee sign-up paperwork
  • Handles all position request forms for posting
  • Assists applicants with completing online applications and answers routine questions regarding the employment process
  • Maintains a functional file of all position requests and searches committee files as prescribed by federal, state and University guidelines
  • Creates hiring folders for all staff and faculty positions
  • Maintains distribution lists for staff, faculty and student workers
  • Processes prior state service request forms for new employees
  • Handles background checks on new and transferring employees
  • Maintains MVR eligibility roster
  • Conducts the tour for new employee orientation sessions


Payroll Specialist


  • Provides assistance to employees with payroll questions regarding earnings, deductions and leave taken
  • Assist departments with approving employee’s electronic timesheet and leave requests
  • Troubleshoots issues or problems in payroll
  • Serves as a liaison between the System Payroll office and the University
  • Identifies and corrects all payroll discrepancies
  • Audits electronic Personnel Action Request (ePAR’s) information
  • Enters payroll information in the system
  • Calculates earnings for terminating vacation, data entry of contributions and withdrawals to the sick leave pool
  • Processes other payroll records and approves changes made in the system by employees
  • Process verification of employment from external sources
  • Submits notices to departments to generate payroll reports


Employment Data Specialist


  • Assists the records unit in document imaging of employee records, financial records, timesheets, benefits documents, and employment related documents
  • Supports other UHD units with imaging needs during peak periods of the year
  • Maintains an inventory of search committee files and the disposal schedule for the committee files
  • Assists in preparing new employee orientation and other training materials
  • Maintains office supply inventory and notifies appropriate staff member to place an order


Administrative Assistant II


  • Processes financials to pay bills and purchase items for the department and logs department expenditures
  • Arranges travel documentation for ESO employees
  • Prepares travel reimbursements for ESO employees
  • Maintains ESO property inventory, both removal and addition
  • Runs errands outside of the office such as purchasing or picking up lunch for guests of ESO