Making more of your to-do list

There are secrets to successful to-do list management. When tallying your crucial items, do the following to maximize the benefits of this time-tested tool.

  1. Add the time needed to each task for its execution
  2. Add deadlines to each item
  3. Add subtasks for each task that requires multiple steps
  4. Draw a line between related items (e.g., get haircut, pick up milk at grocery store)
  5. Mark whom to delegate the task to, if appropriate
  6. Add more items to your list than you can accomplish. Why the last addition to the list? You will discover some items drop off as unnecessary. This strategy alone can increase productivity 20 to 50 percent.

Does the above make you feel like you will be planning all day? You won’t be. Rule #1: It is always worth the time to plan, because time saved makes up for the few minutes involved in the to-do list planning exercise.

Source: UTEAP FrontLine Employee (April 2015)

Categories: Learning, Work/Life

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