Discover the benefits of UnitedHealthcare’s Premium Program

Have you ever wondered how you can find quality care? 

To help participants make more informed choices about their health care, the UnitedHealth Premium program recognizes doctors who meet quality and cost efficiency guidelines. This program uses criteria from national organizations that identify evidence-based standards for treating medical conditions across 27 specialties. These doctor’s follow evidence-based guidelines for care, are more likely to be aware of the latest research and clinical trials and may have lower surgery repeat rates.

Quality, cost-efficient care is a long-term solution.

Variations in care are a significant part of the problem in our current health care system. A study published in the New England Journal of Medicine found that only 55% of U.S. patients receive the recommended care.  We believe that by supporting and promoting doctors who meet national standards for quality and cost efficiency, as well as engaging participants in the health care decision-making process, we can help to achieve better health outcomes while improving the experience and reducing costs.

Find a doctor’s Premium designation when searching for providers at, at BLOCKEDhealthselectoftexas[.]comBLOCKED or on the Health4Me mobile app. Look for Providers with a “Tier 1” symbol.

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