ERS must have correct Social Security numbers for new tax requirements in 2016

ERS will be sending out letters to employees with information about missing or invalid Social Security numbers (SSNs).

Under the Affordable Care Act, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) requires employers to report medical coverage provided to employees and their dependents in the previous tax year. In January 2016, every employee the in Texas Employees Group Benefits Program (GBP) will receive a Form 1095-B from his or her medical coverage provider. Form 1095-B confirms medical coverage for the employee and any covered dependent(s). The employee will use information from the Form 1095-B for tax filing purposes.

To verify 2015 insurance coverage, the IRS will use SSNs to match individuals’ 2015 federal income tax filings with the medical coverage information reported by employers and medical coverage providers.

Having the correct SSN is very important, as incorrect information could lead to a federal tax penalty. An employee who receives a Form 1095-B with a missing or incorrect dependent SSN or ITIN should contact ESO.

It is very important to ensure all information – names, SSNs, ITINs and mailing addresses — are correct in the ERS OnLine accounts.

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