GatorConnect Mentorship Program seeks mentors

New employees thrive on support and encouragement, and UHD has found a way to provide an ample supply through the GatorConnect Membership Program.

The new mentorship program was developed as part of the New Employee Onboarding process and is designed to form connections between long-term and new employees during an employee’s first 30 days at UHD.

The support and encouragement new employees receive during this time accelerates their connections with the University and helps them establish positive relationships with colleagues.

The program also provides current members of the UHD community an opportunity to be part of a new employee’s experience and showcase all that the University has to offer.

Benefits of the Program

  • Assists new employees with making positive connections to UHD
  • Supports hiring departments with the onboarding process
  • Displays campus-wide support of new employees
  • Encourages interdepartmental relationship-building
  • Builds networking opportunities

The goal is to…

  • CONNECT new employees to the University and available opportunities.
  • CULTIVATE growth through professional development, work/life resources and wellness.
  • CONTRIBUTE to the mission and vision of UHD.

For more information about the program or to sign up as a mentor, please contact Lymari Silva at silval@uhd.edu.


HUB Gatorconnect


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