Voya brings retirement estimator program to UHD campus

Do you know how much retirement income you will receive from TRS, Social Security and/or your UHD retirement programs?

No? Be one of the first 30 people to sign up and attend Voya’s “My Retirement Outlook” Lunch and Learn seminar on Monday, April 11 at 1 p.m. to find out! Lunch will be provided at the beginning of the session in A711. Participants will then move to room A715 at 1:15 p.m. for the session.

By using “My Retirement Outlook,” seminar participants will be able to estimate how much they need to save for their financial future, measure their savings progress and find out about any potential gaps.

The program also allows users to test out various savings amounts and determine how they will impact their current take-home pay.

To attend Voya’s “My Retirement Outlook,” just sign up HERE, bring an estimate of your retirement savings and years of TRS and UH/UHD service for a personalized view of your progress toward your retirement objectives.

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