Donations sought for recycled art project

UHD is hosting the Buffalo Bayou Service Project (BBSP) on Friday, April 15th. BBSP, as part of a Global Youth Service Day and Youth Service Day, was created by the President’s Office along with The Center for Community Engagement & Service-Leaning (UHD) in conjunction with Harmony Schools.

This year, UHD will engage approximately 120 students from Harmony Public Schools and Alief Taylor High School, as well as faculty, staff, students, community volunteers and Buffalo Bayou Partnership representatives to improve the community through a service learning approach project.

High school students will tour UHD and learn about water chemistry, biology of the Buffalo Bayou, sustainability via the UHD garden and recycling.

The following items are being collected for the recycling project. Please help by dropping off items in boxes labeled with the Recycle sign at one of the following locations.

Items Needed Drop-off Locations
Cardboard boxes, toilet paper or paper towel rolls Front Desk in Student Lounge – S204
Cereal boxes and other food containers 4th Floor Library Entrance
Plastic bottles and containers (CLEAN) 3rd Floor in front of Academic Elevators
Bottle caps Shea Building Lobby
Aluminum cans Commerce Building Entrance
Newspapers, magazines, USED sheet paper Food Court
Junk mail
Broken toys
Paper clips
Plastic 6-pack can holders
Coat Hangers
Bubble Wrap
Used wrapping paper, crepe paper or deflated balloons
Interesting plastic bits (buttons, shiny caps)
Bread ties
Paper clips

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