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HealthSelect provides coverage during international travel?

Planning a trip outside the United States?  Your HealthSelect medical plan’s got you covered. The HealthSelect medical plan pays benefits for covered participants while traveling outside the U.S.

If a participant is enrolled in the In-Area plan, eligible expenses for non-emergency services incurred while outside the U.S. are reimbursed at the non-network benefit level and are subject to the annual non-network deductible. Emergency services received outside the U.S will be paid at the in-network benefit level.

If a participant is enrolled in the Out-of-Area plan, benefits are covered the same as any other illness.  The calendar year deductible and any applicable copays apply to all covered services.

For all plans, any care received must be a covered health service for benefits to apply.  You must pay the provider at the time treatment is received and obtain appropriate documentation of services received. This documentation includes the costs of these services – itemized bills, receipts and any medical narrative.  This information should be included when you submit your claim to UnitedHealthcare.

You can refer to the Master Benefit Plan Document, Section 8, Claim Procedures, for additional information. To print an international claim form, go to, click on “Publications and Forms” and scroll to the bottom of the page. You can also find the form on


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