The art of accepting feedback

All of us eventually receive constructive or negative feedback at work. How do you respond to it?

Accepting feedback is one of the toughest soft skills to learn because it is usually surprising and often unplanned, and it confronts something initially outside our awareness. Even if delivered softly with a smile, constructive feedback can leave you feeling vulnerable and off guard.

There’s power in accepting feedback graciously because of the relief felt by the person giving it to you. This will build your positive reputation, impress managers, and help facilitate valuable relationships at work. On the other hand, reacting negatively to feedback will cause others to judge your character and maturity.

Be a pro at accepting negative feedback:

  1. Recognize that accepting feedback is not easy.
  2. Know that your assigned critic has natural trepidation about his or her role.
  3. View feedback as an adventure in the unknown, and see it as powerful career juice that will help you grow.
  4. Work consciously to display an attitude and the body language of positivity when receiving feedback.
  5. Always validate the feedback giver and thank him or her for it.

Source: UTEAP FrontLine Employee (February 2016)

Categories: Learning, Work/Life

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