Mammogram bus coming to UHD Monday

Covia Health is bringing their 50-foot mobile suite to UHD’s campus Thursday and Friday to perform 3-D mammography and bone density screenings on December 5 between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m.

Appointments for these important screenings are still available and can be booked by registering at with PIN: 1280354. Registration closes on November 30.

The mobile suite will be located on 2nd Street between One Main Building and the Visitor’s Parking Garage. Each appointment takes 17-22 minutes, and results are sent to each person and their Primary Care Physician or OBGYN, whichever is preferred.

Eligibility for the screenings are as follows:

3-D Mammogram

  • 40 years or older and haven’t had a mammogram in the past 12-months. (Note: Some insurance carriers cover one baseline mammogram between the ages of 35-39 at 100%.)
  • Insured (100% covered under UHD’s Health Select of Texas insurance plan. Covia does not accept KelseyCare powered by Community Health Choice insurance plan.)

DXA (Bone Density) Screening

  • Have a risk factor surrounding osteoporosis and a doctor’s order. (Covia Health can help obtain this.)
  • Insured

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