Workplace cubicle civility and courtesy tips

Do you practice common courtesies with cubicle coworkers?

Rules to consider:

  1. Remember, you have neighbors. Be self-aware regarding speech topics, tone, and volume.
  2. Cubicle workers often complain about disruptions. Minimize them by creating traditions that reinforce everyone’s role as a gatekeeper in maintaining an effective work environment.
  3. Use staff meetings to discuss the cubicle environment and add to or amend your traditions.
  4. Be sensitive to a coworker’s body language that may indicate annoyances, such as unannounced appearances at one’s cubicle to discuss issues.

If in doubt, ask. Cubicle stress must be managed and has been depicted in comic strips and feature films. Ironically, the inventor of the cubicle, George Nelson, became its fiercest critic.

Source: UTEAP FrontLine Employee (March 2017)

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