How to receive criticism well

Handling criticism well is a workplace skill you may never quite perfect, but there are ways to build emotional resilience to it.

  1. Criticism doesn’t mean you’re wrong, but some truth probably exists. Search for it.
  2. One complaint does not mean everyone feels the same way.
  3. Criticism may originate from a reaction to only a small part of your work, not the entire effort. Don’t discard what is working well.
  4. Like the ring of a bell, the sting of criticism dissipates. Don’t risk an improper reaction to it by responding immediately. Instead, wait for a few hours—or, even better, overnight—before reacting.
  5. See criticism as a gift to improve your productivity and increase the value of what you do.
  6. Label criticism as feedback, and thank those who offer it.









Source: UTEAP FrontLine Employee (May 2017)

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