Overcoming loneliness

Lonely?  Overcome loneliness by asking whether its cause is temporary or it’s lingering too long.

Taking action is the best path to overcoming loneliness—don’t dismiss getting a short-term assessment by a professional counselor (through your Employee Assistance Program) for guidance and tips and to rule out depression, especially if you feel lethargic about creating change.

Loneliness has two parts:

  1. The negative state of mind it produces
  2. The circumstances you identify as the cause (isolation, absence of a close relationship, overcoming shyness, etc.).

Each part can benefit from its own intervention—one part involving concrete steps and the other overcoming the negative self-talk that may undermine any action you want to take.

Source: UTEAP FrontLine Employee (July 2017)


Categories: Benefits, Learning, Wellness

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