Name change for dependent eligibility administrator: Alight Solutions

For several years, Aon Hewitt has managed dependent eligibility verifications for ERS. On January 25, Aon Hewitt changed its name to Alight Solutions (Alight).

If an employee recently added dependents to the health coverage, or are adding dependents in the future, you will now get communications from Alight instead of Aon Hewitt. Communications from Alight could be by mail, email and/or phone. Any correspondence from Alight should mention ERS. Employees  can work with Alight knowing it is a trusted administrator contracted by ERS. Contact information and the online portal (including usernames and passwords) will not change.

Processes and policies are the same
If you are currently verifying a family member or members for coverage, the change from Aon Hewitt to Alight Solutions should not have a noticeable effect on the process. If you already sent documentation to Aon Hewitt, you will not have to send the same documentation again. The staff who worked at the company when it was known as Aon Hewitt still work at Alight Solutions. Likewise, Alight follows the same policies and practices for erasing employees’ and dependents’ personal information when the verification is done.

ERS’ dependent eligibility verification policy is unchanged: Employees must submit requested documentation to prove their dependents are eligible to participate in the Texas Employees Group Benefits Program (GBP). If employees don’t submit the documentation by the specified deadline, the dependents will be dropped from health coverage and any other GBP benefits they are enrolled in.

Updates to materials
ERS and Alight are updating the websites and other materials with the new name as quickly as possible, but you still might see some references to Aon Hewitt as the dependent verification administrator. We apologize for any confusion this might cause.

If you have questions about the name change, please call Alight Solutions toll-free at (800) 987-6605 (TTY: 711) Monday – Friday, 7 a.m. – 10 p.m. CT. More information about dependent eligibility verification is available on the ERS website.

Why does ERS require dependent verification?
Dependent verification helps prevent fraud by ensuring that only eligible dependents get health coverage. Between Fiscal Years 2012 and 2016, the GBP saved about $34 million by verifying dependents’ eligibility. These savings help ERS offer high-quality health insurance at a reasonable cost to employees, retirees and the state.

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