What is Wellness Leave?

Health is the absence of illness or injury. In contrast wellness is an actively sought goal of being in good health. Wellness is an acknowledged responsibility to actively choose to stay healthy physically, emotionally and psychologically.

Aspects of wellness include removal of unhealthy behaviors (such as tobacco use), regular physical exercise and the maintenance of healthy emotional relationships. Positive lifestyle changes make people happier and more productive according to research.

The State of Texas encourages the wellness of its employees. As a result of the 2007, 80th Legislature, the State Employee Health and Fitness Act of 1983 was amended to allow more flexibility to state agencies for administering their wellness program, which includes allowing employees 30 minutes of Fitness Release Time (FRT) during normal working hours for exercise three times each week.

In addition, employees can take part of Wellness Leave Program, which allows employees of up to eight (8) hours of leave for completing an approved online Health Risk Assessment (HRA) as well as receiving an annual comprehensive physical exam.

UHD has created the Employee Wellness Program Policy to support the wellness of its employees. For more information or to begin using Wellness Leave or Fitness Release Time, visit the UHD’s Employee Wellness Program Policy.

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