WRC celebrates Day of the Dead with altar, creative writing, snacks Oct. 31 – Nov. 2

The Writing and Reading Center (WRC) at UHD will host an altar in celebration of Mexico’s Day of the Dead. UHD staff, faculty and students can go to the WRC and honor their deceased ancestors by writing a note for them and placing it on the altar. There will also be traditional snacks such as Pan De Muerto and Sugar Skulls.

The altar will open on Wednesday, October 31 in N-925. It will be open all day, and it will stay open through Friday, November 2.

The WRC prides itself on offering its services to the UHD community. The tutors are all dedicated to the craft of writing; they encourage everyone to exercise their writing skills as part of the Day of the Dead festivities. The WRC also takes pride in celebrating the traditions of different cultures.

In pursuit of its dual mission, WRC facilitates UHD student, staff, and faculty efforts to read, write, think critically, and communicate, and provides student peer tutors of writing with a rich teaching and learning experience and ongoing professional development in writing center research, theory, and tutoring practice.​

You can follow the WRC on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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