Supervisor Assessment closes Nov. 25

The 2018 Supervisor Assessment ends on Sunday, Nov. 25. There’s still time to complete the assessment.

To complete the assessment:

  • Click on Supervisor Assessment
  • Use your UHD network credentials to log in
  • Click on All Tasks
  • Click on Employee Completes Supervisor Assessment
  • Complete assessment

The Supervisor Assessment is an optional assessment. It offers staff the opportunity to provide input about their supervisor in a positive, constructive way.

The Supervisor Assessment is confidential and routes directly to the second-level manager. Second-level managers use feedback from the assessments as an additional source of information when evaluating their direct reports and determining their professional growth opportunities.

Assessments are not shared with supervisors for whom they were submitted, and second-level managers are required to keep the assessor’s identity and comments confidential.

For additional information on the Supervisor Assessment, contact Bernice Guillen at or x-2738.

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