Registration ends this week for the 2019 Get Fit Texas! State Agency Challenge

This is the last week you can register to complete the 2019 Get Fit Texas! State Agency Challenge.

Although the first four weeks are over, you can still complete the Challenge in the remaining six weeks. After this week, it will be too late to join and complete the Challenge.

Register for the Get Fit Texas State Agency Challenge and start logging your physical activity. The challenge runs until March 31, 2019. The goal is for each one of us to be physically active for 150 minutes per week for at least six of the 10 weeks of the Challenge.

All participants must register for the 2019 Challenge before logging in, even if you participated before.

In the spirit of friendly competition, DSHS will track the completion percentage for each state agency and recognize those in small, mid-size and large agencies with the highest completion percentages.

So lace up those shoes and join the program! Let’s show the state UHD is the Fittest State Agency in Texas!

You will find instructions for the Challenge HERE. Contact Statewide Wellness Coordinator Lesley Jimenez for more information.

Source: Get Fit Texas (2019)

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