UTEAP offers special discounts and benefits for tax season

Tax season is in full swing and as a UHD employee, special discounts and benefits are available to you through the Employee Assistance Program (UTEAP).

Employees are eligible to receive a discount on Turbo Tax. To take advantage of the discount, visit Login with username UTEAP and password UTEAP. This service also provides access to tax professionals.

For employees needing CPA assistance with their taxes, UTEAP offers personal income tax document preparation by a CPA at a preferred rate reduction of 25% from the CPA’s normal fee.

UHD employees are also entitled to receive one, free 30-minute income tax planning related consultation per year on each separate tax issue they encounter. Types of matters include:

• Developing a Spending Plan
• Rebuilding Your Credit
• Getting Out of Debt
• Garnishments
• Tax Levy/Wage Garnishment Resolution
• Pre-Retirement Analysis
• 401(k) Review
• Home Buying Strategies

For more information on the tax services offered through UTEAP visit or call  800-346-3549 or 713-500-3327 24 hours a day/7 days a week.

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