Fitness Release Time adds walking, other fitness activities to approved list

UHD employees can now use Fitness Release Time (FRT) to participate in activities outside of the Student Life Center (SLC), such as walking, climbing stairs, biking, etc.

Recently, a new “other physical fitness activities on campus” option was added to FRT to help employees meet their fitness goals.

UHD employees interested in participating in FRT no longer have to combine their 30 minutes of FRT time with their lunch break or at the beginning/end of the day to use FRT at the SLC.

This new option also accommodates FRT users that work in positions where it may be hard being gone 30 minutes at a time. The new “other physical fitness activities option” can be taken in one, 30-minute session up to three times a week or in two, 15-minute sessions (in one day) up to three times a week.

Employees taking advantage of “other physical fitness activities on campus” must attach/upload proof of this activity showing the date and time of the exercise when they request FRT leave in TRAM. This can be done with a screenshot of their smartphone health application, a photo of their pedometer/fitbit, etc.

To participate in FRT:

  1. Print and fill out the Fitness Release Time Application
  2. Submit application to supervisor for approval
  3. Fill out PAR-Q form
  4. Route supervisor signed application and PAR-Q form to ESO Benefits Office
  5. Receive email notice from ESO Benefits Office of application acceptance
  6. Start using FRT!

$100 Gift Card Contest

Want a chance to win a $100 Academy Sports and Outdoors gift card this fall? Enroll in Fitness Release Time (FRT) between September 3 and December 22, 2019.

The FRT participant that records the most FRT hours in Time Reporting and Absence Management (TRAM) between September 3 through December 22 will win a $100 Academy gift card.

FRT is designed to provide UHD full-time, benefits eligible staff up to 1-1/2 hours of physical fitness (three, 30-minute sessions each week). It is counted as hours worked and can be used in conjunction with your lunch break or at the beginning/end of the work day.*

FRT may not interfere with the employee’s duties or the department’s responsibilities

For more information, please review the Employee Wellness Policy or contact Paula Jannett at or X-8643.

*FRT is counted as hours worked but not for the purpose of overtime pay or compensatory time.

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