Celebrate your student workers this week

April 12-18 is National Student Employment Week, a time set aside for colleges and universities across the U.S. to recognize and draw awareness to the invaluable services provided by their student employees.

This week, UHD staff and faculty are encouraged to participate in National Student Employment Week by thanking their student employees for the hard work and support they’ve shown their departments.

The following are suggestions for appreciating your student workers during remote operations:

  • Print and send certificates of appreciation to your student workers
  • Write hand-written “Thank You” notes or send your student workers a free e-card or email to show them how much you appreciate their hard work
  • Verbally thank your student employees for their contribution to your department via phone call or Zoom
  • Hold a Zoom awards ceremony and give out student employee awards for unique categories, such as best attendance, most organized, best customer service, etc.
  • Have your full-time staff send emails to each student employee in your department thanking them for the specific ways they’ve helped in the past or praising them for their positive attributes
  • Hold a Zoom meeting and have your full-time staff speak words of affirmation to each student worker
  • Use Zoom to record your staff singing a funny and encouraging song to your student workers
  • Schedule a lunch or party in the future to celebrate your student employees
  • Assemble your student workers via Zoom and play trivia or a scavenger hunt
  • Get pictures of your student workers and post kind words about them to your department’s social media pages or website

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