Back-to-work transition tips for pets

Changes in routine can be tough on pets. The sudden disappearance of their person can lead to separation anxiety, which is expressed through persistent vocalizations, depression and destructive behaviors.

How do you slowly transition pets to a regular workday schedule again?

Pre-Transition Tips

Prepare your pet with small adjustments to the daily routine before you return to the office:

  • Get pets accustomed to the morning routine again by simulating your going-to-work process —but be sure to avoid creating a routine around saying goodbye.
  • Slowly transition mealtimes and walks until they align with your schedules at work.
  • Plan for playtime and exercise at set times in the morning and evening.
  • Spend at least an hour in another room away from your pet. Don’t give in to calls to come play.

Nationwide, a UHD Work/Life vendor, is monitoring the COVID-19 situation to better understand whether or how the virus could affect pets.

Post-Transition Tips

When you start transitioning back to the office:

  • Give your pet extra attention with a 30-minute walk or play session before leaving.
  • Leave an audiobook, radio or TV on to keep your pet company while you’re gone.
  • Consider hiring a doggy daycare or pet sitter who can visit your home during the day.

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Source: Nationwide

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