June Kudos Recipients

Congratulations to UHD’s June Kudos Recipients

Academic Advising

  • Ricky Whitehead
  • Craig Heitmiller
  • Sydnecia Zenon

Advising & Mentoring

  • Steve Hall

Applied Administration

  • Kei Tones

Campus Solutions Services

  • Rocio Beiza

College of Business

  • Brett Hobby
  • Jiselle Wilson
  • Patricia Gammon

Employment Services and Operations

  • Ashley Carter

Humanities & Social Sciences

  • Karlyli Jaurez
  • Crystal Guillory
  • Vanessa Rojas

Information Technology

  • Kimberley Solomon

Interdisciplinary Studies

  • Edgar Mendez

Sciences & Technology

  • Cynthia Russell

University College

  • Tanu Altomare
  • Marc Williams

UHD Kudos are a quick and easy way to provide positive feedback to a fellow staff member. They can be shared with a supervisor and applied to performance evaluations since Kudos reside in My TalentSpace.

Along with receiving Kudos recognition in My TalentSpace, recipients are recognized each month in the HUB DIGEST. Additionally, the staff member with the most Kudos each year will be recognized at UHD’s annual Staff Awards ceremony.

There are two ways to send Kudos.

  1. Outlook – Home Tab – “Send Feedback” Icon
  2. My TalentSpace – “Hamburger Icon” – Performance

For additional information or detailed instructions on how to use Kudos, visit

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