Preventive care is important – even during a pandemic

Many people have put off getting important preventive care services this year. It’s normal to feel anxious about being in a public setting like a doctor’s office and possibly being exposed to the COVID-19 coronavirus, but there are precautions you can take to help make your visit safer. Preventive care is crucial to your overall well-being, especially if you have a chronic condition like asthma or diabetes.

You can talk with your primary care provider (PCP) to find out what safety precautions are being taken. Here are some suggestions:

  • What steps is the PCP taking to protect patients, such as cleaning procedures, separate entries and exits, and staff temperature checks?
  • What steps can employees take during the appointment, like wearing a mask and arriving on time? Can they wait in their cars so they spend less time the waiting room?
  • If the doctor prescribes medications, remind employees that they most likely have a mail order option. If they need the prescription right away, employees can use the drive-through at the pharmacy.

If you are still wary about visiting your provider’s office in-person, ask your provider if they offer telehealth appointments. A telehealth visit with your PCP is covered at the same benefit as an in-office visit.

Remember, just because care is not urgent, it doesn’t mean it is unnecessary. Preventive check-ups and screenings are important for maintaining wellness and long-term health. Illnesses and medical problems can be detected early and improve your health and the health of everyone in your family.

For HealthSelectSM participants, preventive care screenings and services are covered with no out-of-pocket costs as long as you visit a doctor in your plan’s provider network. This is true even if you haven’t met your deductible, if your plan has one. Learn more about covered screenings and immunizations.

For COVID-19 related safety tips and resources, visit the COVID-19 landing page on the HealthSelect website.

If you have any questions about preventive care or COVID-19 safety, contact your BCBSTX Agency Relations Representative.

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