Considering TRS Retirement? Plan ahead to avoid delays

Considering retirement within the next 12 months? Ensure you submit the required forms to the Teacher Retirement System of Texas (TRS) as soon as possible to avoid any possible delays.

For information on forms you need to submit, view the planning for retirement timeline (pdf) and steps to retirement video. If you’re needing additional retirement estimates with your information on file, please visit the MyTRS Retirement Calculator.

To request a formal estimate, complete and submit Form TRS 18 (pdf) to TRS as soon as possible. Once you request a formal estimate of your retirement benefits, TRS will mail you a retirement packet. Normally, you will receive your retirement packet within 60 days, but it can take longer during high volume periods when many members are requesting packets.

Due to increased call volume, callers may experience longer wait times when contacting TRS Telephone Counseling Center. However, you can utilize their callback feature and request a call back without losing your place.

For additional assistance, ESO is available to help you. Please call 713-221-8060 or use their Retirement Planning Resources.

Source: TRS