Gratitude workshop tomorrow

 Join Lacy Wolff and Alexis Schminke online as they present Gratitude: Science and Practical Application December 10 from 10-11 a.m.

In this interactive workshop, participants will learn about the proven benefits and practical application of gratitude.

Gratitude has been studied and researched extensively. We now know that a daily practice can have a profound effect on health and quality of life. This skill (that can be learned) rewires the brain, shifts perspective and builds mental and emotional resilience. Resilience helps us to handle daily hassles and stress more effectively. Participants will leave this workshop with:

  • the scientific research on how gratitude affects the brain and increases resiliency
  • ways to integrate gratitude into your daily rituals and habits
  • a weekly gratitude log that can be used to maintain a consistent practice

About the Instructors:

 This webinar will be facilitated by Lacy Wolff and Alexis Schminke. Lacy is the Health Promotion Administrator at ERS and Alexis Schminke is a Training Specialist at Texas DPS. They are both passionate about helping state employees and their families live their best life through evidence-based health and wellness principles.  

Register HERE!

Source: ERS


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