Health motivation webinar ‘It’s Time Y’all’ set for January 7

Join thought leader Baker Harrell January 7 from 10-11 a.m. for “It’s Time Y’all,” a presentation designed to motivate and inspire participants achieve their health goals.

Harrell has led over a million Texans to become more active. He is the founder of It’s Time, Texas, a non-profit organization that helps people become more active.

Harrell will speak about his personal journey and give participants the formula to be their best self by:

  • Establishing a why statement
  • Connecting your why to your what
  • Creating an action plan for how to live your why through purposeful action

Growing up in rural Mississippi, Harrell struggled with his weight as a child and decided he wanted to change his health behavior at the early age of 11. His personal journey set him on a path to help others improve their health through community wellness initiatives and coalitions. Harrell received his master’s degree and a Ph.D. from The University of Texas in Austin in Health Education.

Note: this is the keynote address to participants of the Get Fit Texas Challenge but is open to anyone that wants to be inspired!

Source: ERS

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